Apples poached on quark with caramel sauce

The star of this dessert is the apple, cooked in apple juice scented with vanilla and cinnamon, and served on a mattress of quark, all drizzled with apple caramel. attempt additionally this gyokuro japans finest tea recipe too.


Dessert For four individuals

1 vanilla pod
1 cinnamon stick
Three dl of apple juice
four small bitter apples, e.g. Cox Orange
80 g of sugar
0.2 dl of cream
2 tablespoons of butter
four corners, eg. Sélection
500 g of quark

ca. 20 minutes
Cooking in a bain-marie:
ca. 5 minutes
25 min

Freind’s kitchen recipes, Avocado and apple smoothie

Tips on how to proceed

Halve the vanilla pod lengthwise and take away the seeds by scraping them. Prune the apple juice with the cinnamon and pod and vanilla seeds to a boil. Halve the apples and dip them within the juice. Cowl and let the apples simmer for 3–5 minutes to maintain them crunchy. Extract them from the juice and take away the spices. Cut back the apple juice till you get approx. 1 dl.

For the caramel, caramelize the sugar in a non-stick pan till it turns amber. Add the lowered apple juice and soften the caramel. Stir within the cream and butter and let the sauce simmer over low warmth for approx. 5 minutes, till it thickens.

Coarsely crumble the cantucci. Distribute the quark in bowls, prepare the apple halves on the quark and garnish with the caramel sauce and the crumbled cantucci. You might have the interest to learn sago coconut cookies recipe/ moroccan coffee.



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