Croque monsieur and croque madame for a fast meal

4 min readFeb 9, 2021

What are croque monsieur and croque madame?

Croque monsieur and crocque madame is a really unusual identify for a recipe. The expression is clearly French and means snack. This already betrays the raison d’etre of this dish, which is exactly a fast, however good and nutritious meal. From the skin, it could resemble a toast, however in actuality, it’s one thing fairly totally different, rather more refined. However, it’s ample to learn the checklist of elements to know it. It’s not a toast additionally as a result of it’s true that the sandwich bread is used, however the cooking is finished within the oven. The reason being easy, it’s accomplished to type a Parmesan crust on the floor, which is made solely via a passage within the oven.

One other peculiarity of this recipe is the 2 potential variants. Or, to place it higher, it suggests two variants, a “monsieur” and a “madame”. The one distinction, which nonetheless has a big affect on the ultimate consequence, is the egg; the second variant, in truth, is characterised by a pleasant fried egg mendacity on its floor. Croque monsieur and croque madame, though composite, is a moderately easy recipe. It is all about choosing the proper elements and arranging them accurately.

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The key of the croque monsieur and croque madame

The true secret of croque monsieur and croque madame, nonetheless, shouldn’t be cooking within the oven (definitely unusual for what, from the skin, seems like a toast), nor within the parmesan crust (which nonetheless represents the ultimate contact) however within the Sliced ​​Bavarian Emmental from Bayernland. It represents the “cheese quota” of this particular toast, and it does it at its greatest. Sliced ​​Bavarian Emmental from Bayernland is among the greatest “sandwich” cheeses round. Initially, as a result of it’s merely good and capable of improve any sort of preparation. Secondly, as a result of it is extremely handy, already lower into skinny slices and able to be melted in a sandwich or piadina.

Sliced ​​Bavarian Emmental is an additional demonstration of Bayernland’s means to make the perfect of the realm, to make use of the perfect uncooked supplies and acquire high-quality merchandise. Amongst different issues, this Emmental, in addition to all of the cheeses in its line, are made utilizing essentially the most conventional strategies potential, which reward natural merchandise and ban chemical substances and any sort of business processing (sweeteners, and so on. ..).

Cooked ham between prejudices and dietary properties

The collective creativeness means that “every part good is fattening”. In actuality, it’s a prejudice, as exceptions are nearly greater than the rule; absolutely cooked ham is one in every of these exceptions. After all, it isn’t the healthiest meals you’ll be able to ever eat, however in any case, it would not harm if consumed in the proper doses, similar to we did in our croque monsieur and croque madame. Cooked ham is among the noblest cured meats with a sustained however decrease than common amount of fats. Additionally it is a wonderful supply of protein, which accounts for 20%, roughly like some other pink meat. Moreover, it stands out for the amount and high quality of mineral salts, and specifically of potassium and phosphorus. As for vitamin consumption, it accommodates some B nutritional vitamins.

Sadly, just like the overwhelming majority of cured meats, it accommodates loads of sodium, so it’s good to not abuse it particularly in case you are hypertensive. The really helpful doses are round 60–100 grams per week. It’s clearly additionally fats, so abuse is extremely discouraged particularly for individuals who are following a weight reduction weight loss program. Lastly, be careful for the presence of gluten, a substance that’s under no circumstances uncommon in cooked ham. Gluten intolerants and coeliacs should clearly desire the gluten-free variants, that are extensively obtainable available on the market. For individuals who need it, there are additionally gentle variants disadvantaged of extra fats.

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Right here is the recipe for croque monsieur and croque madame:
Components for Four individuals:

16 slices of sandwich bread allowed;

160 gr of cooked ham;

200 gr of sliced Bavarian Emmental Bayernland;

50 g 24 months of Parmesan cheese;

200 g of bechamel;

1 walnut of clarified butter;

simply sufficient of eggs.


To arrange the croque monsieur and croque madame, begin by taking the primary slice of sandwich bread and unfold the béchamel over it. Place a slice of ham on it till it covers your entire floor, and do the identical with the Emmental. Lastly, cowl with one other slice of sandwich bread, sprinkle this different floor with the béchamel sauce and add a fan of Parmesan cheese. Divide in half to make two triangles. Repeat the method till all of the elements are completed. Now lay the triangles on a pan lined with parchment paper and bake within the oven (preheated) for five minutes at 220 levels. That is the croque monsieur.

For the croque madame variant, all it’s a must to do is add the eggs. Merely soften a knob of butter in a non-stick pan, then break the eggs and pour them in without beating them. Prepare dinner for half a minute, add a little bit water, season with salt (a little bit), shut the lid and go away for 4–5 minutes. On the finish of cooking, lay the eggs on the sandwich bread triangles made within the first part. Serve and revel in! try also this skyr cake with blueberries recipe/ polenta gnocchi with gorgonzola too.




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