Pastel de nata, a typical Portuguese delight

Why pastel de nata is so good

Pastel de nata is a typical dessert from Portugal, however little identified overseas and it’s a disgrace as it’s really scrumptious. This dessert is ready to compete with the very best Italian pastry, together with that of southern Italy (which could possibly be a reference, given the presence of the pastry). Those that strive pastel de nata for the primary time are shocked. To begin with, as a result of it’s merely scrumptious, secondly as a result of, at a primary style, it’s unimaginable to guess its elements. The true energy of pastel de nata is, actually, its explicit cream, which is the results of many expertly matched elements.

The function of the Accadì cream

The key of the pastel de nata recipe that I suggest in the present day, a variant that differs barely from the unique, is using Accadì cream from Granarolo. It’s a cream made completely with Granarolo milk, which is among the finest in circulation, the results of a method aimed toward recovering contact with custom and the territory, which follows 100% natural manufacturing processes. An excellent cream, which lends itself to essentially the most diverse preparations. And sure, even to these types of different culinary traditions similar to pastel de nata, nationwide desserts of Portugal.

What’s cornstarch and what are its dietary properties

If in case you have searched the listing of elements, certainly your curiosity may have been captured by cornstarch, meals that few have heard of. From the identity, it appears virtually a unique ingredient, maybe discovered primarily in Portugal, may be accountable for the actual style of pastel de nata. However no. Cornstarch is just a sort of corn starch. Specifically, it’s a starch obtained from the within of the grains, that are exactly wealthy in corn. Like all starches, it’s used to make sweets softer as a thickener. A key characteristic, for the reason that presence of the puff pastry, might make this cake excessively crunchy.

Right here is the recipe for pastel de nata:


  • 250 g of puff pastry allowed;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 125 g of contemporary cream Accadì;
  • 125 g of Accadì milk;
  • 50 gr. Of granulated sugar;
  • eight g cornstarch;
  • eight g rice starch;
  • the grated zest of 1 lemon;
  • 1 pinch of floor cinnamon.

Preparation of Pastel de nata

To make the pastel de nata, begin by getting ready the cream. Pour the entire eggs, sugar, natural lemon zest, cinnamon right into a bowl and blend. Additionally add the cream and milk, mixing totally to keep away from the formation of lumps (or to dissolve them). Switch the cream to a saucepan and cook dinner till it thickens, then let it cool. Now care for the pasta.



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