Easy Summer Lunch Ideas: 10 delicious recipes

6 min readMay 25, 2020
Easy Summer Lunch Ideas

Fresh, quick to prepare and appetizing. What’s better than creative and assorted Easy Summer Lunch Ideas to make a light but a tasty and balanced meal? When you are in a rush and have little time to cook, when you want a light snack by the sea, when the heat takes away your appetite, a salad full of tempting ingredients is the ideal solution.

Special Food offers you 10 delicious recipes for colourful and delicious Easy Summer Lunch Ideas, capable of tackling the eyes and satisfying the palate.

Scroll through the recipes we offer you and choose the Easy Summer Lunch Ideas that are right for you. We are sure that slowly you will taste them all!


summer salad ideas

Melon salad is a very light and fresh dish, it is prepared in no time and is perfect to serve for an aperitif, a buffet or to take for a trip out of town. This summer salad recipe is very fun to prepare but above all very original to serve, in fact, we will not use the usual bowls but we will serve it inside the melon itself.

2. The Eastern Chicken Salad

Easy Summer Lunch Ideas

The Eastern Chicken Salad is an easy and tasty recipe, ideal for those who love exotic flavours. This preparation is also to be considered as a recovery recipe, in fact, to make it you can use roasted or grilled chicken leftover from the day before. I decided to call this “oriental” chicken salad for its particular seasoning based on soy sauce and toasted sesame, which also make it very fragrant! I also recommend preparing it in the summer; like all chicken salads, it is excellent well fresh from the fridge!

3. Greek Chicken Salad Quick Recipes For Summer

Easy Summer Lunch Ideas

The Greek Chicken Salad is a fresh and tasty recipe, ideal to be eaten on hot spring and summer days. This preparation is also to be considered as a recovery recipe, in fact, to make it you can use roasted or grilled chicken leftover from the day before. Then I decided to call this “Greek” salad because it contains all the typical flavours and aromas of the Mediterranean. Greek olives, cherry tomatoes, red Tropea onion are the basis of this chicken salad! To season it, I chose good olive oil and lots of oregano … Then really irresistible! Offer this salad as a delicious single dish, perhaps accompanied by bread. Turn it into a rich appetizer in a summer dinner with friends, success guaranteed!

4. Potato, chicken and zucchini salad

Easy Summer Lunch Ideas

Potato, chicken and zucchini salad, easy recipe for a complete and nutritious diet to suitable for adults and children. This single dish is perfect for summer, excellent both hot and cold, it includes white meat and light and easily digestible vegetables. The same dish can be prepared with turkey instead of chicken.

5. Cold Vegetable Cous Cous Easy Summer Lunch Ideas

Cold Vegetable Cous Cous is a quick and easy recipe, perfect for lunch or dinner during the summer. Grilled zucchini and aubergines, peppers in oil and cherry tomatoes are the absolute protagonists of this colourful recipe! The Vegetable Cous Cous that houses the vegetables is enhanced by saffron and lemon zest. Spices and smells give the dish a slightly spicy and very fresh taste, a real treat!

6. Coco Milkshake With Noni, Melon, And Mint

summer salad ideas

An illustrious unknown: Coco Milkshake With Noni, Melon, And Mint
Although in Japan it is still little known, in other parts of the world and especially in the East, noni is a well-known fruit and highly appreciated for its medicinal properties. Sometimes called “Indian mulberry”, noni, especially in powder form, can be used to enrich drinks and smoothies with its exceptional nutritional properties. From this feature and the great heat, the inspiration for this noni, coco milkshake with melon, and mint smoothie are born.

7. Carbonara with asparagus

Today we prepare the Carbonara with asparagus, a quick and easy first course, ideal for everyday family lunch. This Carbonara with asparagus is a variant of the classic carbonara, in this variant, the carbonara is enriched with asparagus. In this way, we will have a single dish, genuine and delicious, that everyone, friends and relatives will like. This recipe is quick to prepare, it will be ready to be brought to the table in just 10 minutes on the clock, so we can prepare it when we have little time to cook.

8. French toast with avocado Quick Recipes For Summer

French toast with avocado is a variant of the classic French toast. A much more “exotic” variant that offers different hints than usual. The credit goes mainly to avocado, which is one of the main ingredients of this recipe (French toast with avocado). Specifically, it is used to make a truly delicious creamy, rich in flavour but balanced. Among other things, it is also prepared with lime juice, which gives it an acidic and pleasant scent. I want to clarify that avocado cream enhances the other ingredients, rather than covering them. The reference is in particular to the egg, which forms a large part of the filling (it is first boiled and then cut into wedges).

9. Stuffed Cold Tomatoes

Stuffed Cold Tomatoes are delicious tomatoes filled with barley salad, perfect for the summer, very easy to prepare and super colourful, they are ideal and practical also to be served at buffets or at home parties! The peculiarity of these tomatoes is that you can stuff them with the summer salads you prefer, then just accompany them with a fork and eat the salad directly from the tomato. They are a great idea if we have guests, we can prepare them in advance and they are also perfect for trips out of town or outdoor picnics. I’m sure all your guests will like it! let’s see together how to make them!

10. Potato Flatbread Italian Focaccia Quick Recipes For Summer

The potato flatbread (Italian focaccia) is a delicious savoury pie with a stringy filling of Formaggio and dried cherry tomatoes! This cake (potato flatbread) is prepared in no time and you can also consider it an empty fridge, in fact, you can stuff it with the vegetables or cheeses you have in the fridge. We can cook it both in the pan as I did and in the oven, you will get very soft potato flatbread (Italian focaccia) inside and crunchy outside! It is irresistible and at the first cut, you will amaze all your guests!




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